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The District Ward Boundaries are being reviewed for changes in 2023. Lathkill and Bradford is one of those under threat due to its population size but Over Haddon Parish has already expressed an interest to re-join the Ward – it was moved to Bakewell in 2011

Electoral Boundary Review for 2023

Next Parish Council Meeting

The agenda will be posted here during the week prior to the next meeting
COVID-19 – Public Council meetings will take place by Video Conferencing until further notice.

Agenda : 16th September MSPC Agenda 16 September 2020

Annual Parish Meeting (now takes place prior to the March Council Meeting)

APM Agenda 10th March 2021 :

Annual Parish Meeting 11th March 2020: MSPC Annual Parish Meeting 2020

Previous Annual Parish meetings: MSPC Annual Parish Meeting 2019 MSPC Annual Parish Meeting 2018  MSPC Annual Parish Meeting 2017 MSPC Annual Parish Meeting 2016          MSPC Annual Parish Meeting 2015

Parish Council Meetings

Minutes of last meeting: mspc Minutes 15 July 2020 by Zoom

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Transparency Code publications

Exemption Certificate  DE0153MSPCexemption
Annual Governance Statement, End of Year Accounts and Variances, Internal Audit report DE0153MSPCAGAR
Publication rights MSPC_public_rights_2019-20exempt_authorities

Exemption Certificate mspcexemptioncert2019
Annual Governance Statement, End of Year Accounts and Variances, Internal Audit report mspcgovernanceaccounts2019
Publication rights MSPC_public_rights_2018-19-exempt_authorities

Exemption Certificate MSPCauditexemptioncert2018
Annual Governance Statement, End of Year Accounts and Variances, Internal Audit report MSPCgovernanceaccounts2018
Publication rights MSPC_public_rights_2017-18_-_exempt_authorities

2017 Conclusion of Audit mspcnoticeofconclusion2017
External Audit Report mspcexternalaudit2017
Notification of Inspection Period mspcpublicrights17
Annual Governance Statement and Accounts mspcgovernanceaccounts17
Unaudited  accounts declaration mspcaccountstatus17

2016 Conclusion of Audit mspc-conclusion-audit-2016
External audit report mspc-external-audit-2016
Annual Governance Statement and Accounts mspcaccts016
Notification of Inspection Period mspcpubrights016  Unaudited  accounts declaration mspcunauddec016

2015 End of Year Accounts and Variances,  Internal Audit report mspcacvar14015 mspciar14015  Annual Governance Statement mspcgov14015

2014 End of year accounts and variances, Internal Audit Report mspcaccvar1314

All items above £100 are published in the minutes

Location of public land and building assets M&S Asset Register

Standing Orders MSPC-standing-orders-2020
Financial Regulations mspc model-financial-regulations-england-july-2019

General Data Protection Register
for staff, councillors and role holders: MSPC-PRIVACY-NOTICE-Approved-V01
Data Protection: MSPC Data protection policy (GDPR compliant) May 18
Record Retention: MSPC Record Retention Policy
Information kept: MSPC Data Retention records


List of Councillors and responsibilities MSPC Councillor Details

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